There is so much to love about watercolor.  All of the shades and no color at all, with endless possibilities, even with only one image, we could explore it in infinite ways. 

Wine on the Vine

About Lorraine Adler, Artist

Lorraine Adler was born in England, but grew up in Southern California. Early interest in art was put on hold while she attended USC, earning a Degree in Business. She worked as a social worker for several years, then raised a family, with her husband. In a return to art and watercolor about twenty years ago, her work has been in juried exhibitions and she is an artist in the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival, held June through August each year.  Her creations have been exhibited at Studio7Gallery in Laguna Beach and the Quorum Gallery in Laguna.

Known for her brilliant florals and delicious grape pictorials, painted with inspiration from her own photos or a combination of them, to create collages of images. The newly created imaginary girls series was a result of reading sci-fi and cyberpunk, with each girl a creative revelation. Watercolor necklaces and cuffs that she designs are great as gifts and adornments for any art lover.

Living in Laguna Beach with her husband, Lou, and Tucker, a King Charles Spaniel, walking the hills and beaches is a favorite activity.



Juried festival was held by the Temecula Arts Council